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June 14, 2020


Glengara Care is truly redefining aged care on the Central Coast. Find out why Glengara Care is different to traditional aged care.

As we age and our care needs increase, the decision to enter into aged care is often challenging. And whether you’re making this decision for yourself or a loved one, questions of care, respect and quality of life are usually top of mind.

Perhaps the biggest consideration of all though, is whether or not you (or your loved one) will ever really feel at home again. Well, unfortunately, in many traditional aged care settings the answer is no.

There’s often no option to bring your own furniture, no ability to bring pets, no guarantee couples will be close by (or even in the same facility), and little choice when it comes to how and when care needs are attended to.

This is what makes Glengara Care such a breath of fresh air in the aged care space. The care model is led by a team of registered nurses, so residents at Glengara Care not only have the security of knowing the highest level of care is always on call, but also the comfort of being able to make it their home in every sense of the word.

How is Glengara Care different to traditional aged care?

Glengara Care was conceived and constructed with quality of life and the wellbeing of residents as its core philosophy. This means Glengara Care residents can:

  • Move in as a couple
  • Bring their own furniture
  • Bring pets
  • Cook their own meals (if they choose)
  • Have family and friends visit and stay
  • Lock their door
  • Choose the care they want, and when they want it
  • Be involved in as much or as little as they want in the stunning Glengara Retirement Village

It’s designed to feel like home, a place where health and wellbeing can improve and where privacy, dignity and independence are valued.

Glengara Care is truly redefining aged care on the Central Coast. And while we won’t pretend that moving to aged care isn’t still a challenging time, the certainty, choice and care offered to residents (and their families) certainly makes things easier.

In addition to caring for our many happy residents, we also offer short-term respite stays for those who are recovering or need extra support to get back on their feet.

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