Live life your way

You know what you want out of life. At Glengara Care, the shape of your day can change as you like.

Staying healthy, happy and active is so much easier when your home is in the centre of a vibrant community.

Life at Glengara Care is truly what you make it.


Discover your home for life at Glengara Care: a place you belong.

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Make it social

Live among your friends and receive the higher level of expert care you need.


Make it active

Make the most of private treatment rooms, the swimming pool and gymnasium.


Make it interesting

Pursue your passions and engage with the community beyond your home.


Make it real

Continue to share your apartment with your furry friends.

“It’s like living in a resort. I wish I did it sooner.”

—Glengara resident



Dine in the privacy of your own home, outside or in the shared dining room.

Enjoy nutritious food prepared onsite from fresh, seasonal ingredients. Or cook for yourself in the fully equipped resident kitchen.

  • Breakfast pack delivered to your door
  • Lunch and dinner catered every day


Enjoy the central atrium gardens, breathe in the fresh air and delight in the beautiful country surroundings. Glengara Care is part of the greater Glengara community.

  • Courtyard gardens and tropical palm-lined pathways
  • Landscaped green spaces and deck views

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