Aged care has never looked like this

Glengara Care is a premium, positive alternative to aged care, where we meet your individual care needs with tailored services while still providing the privacy, luxury and lifestyle you deserve.

This means you have the freedom to make the right choice for you. For us, it’s about being there with care—however and whenever you need it.

Before you move in, our care manager will sit with you to design a personalised plan for your care needs. As your needs grow or change, we’ll grow and change with you, too. You can progress from low to high care, to end of life care, without moving out of your apartment.


Your way

Live your life your way.


Your wellbeing

Live with health and support.


Your purpose

Live a life that’s meaningful to you.


Your people

Live a deeply connected life.

Our continuum of care means we’ll be here for you when the need arises.

At Glengara aged care apartments, we provide nursing-home-level of care with no ACAT needed.

When you’re healthy, we support you to live an active life doing the things you love, with the people who matter most to you. If you face health challenges, rest easy knowing you’ll receive the expert care you need.

This is our promise of care. Expect to have a unique relationship with our staff. We partner with you and your loved ones to ensure you receive the level of care you need, when you need it.

We treat you as an individual, focus on your strengths and abilities, and deliver the best possible care and services.


Care you can count on

Should the unexpected happen, you need the peace of mind and security that comes with knowing expert help and personalised care are available and close by.

The people in your life can rest assured knowing our emergency response team is onsite, alert and ready to help 24/7. Our team of registered nurses are onsite Monday to Friday, and on call after hours. All apartments are fitted with emergency buttons in the bedrooms and bathrooms. These link directly to onsite Glengara Care staff 24 hours a day.

We offer a unique approach to dementia care. Our residents living with dementia are encouraged and supported to live an active life within the community doing the things they love, with the people they love.

We also offer palliative care support. If you wish to remain living in your care apartment, our experienced team will work with you and your loved ones to create a care plan that supports you and your family through this difficult time.


Life on your terms

It’s easy to limit care to physical or medical needs. While these are fundamental, all of us are whole people—and connection and choice matter just as much.

At Glengara Care, our care is wrapped in respect and dignity, and grounded in what matters to you.

We give you the freedom to maintain your independence and to make the call on what matters most to you. We take everything into account: your independence and your physical, mental, emotional and social wellbeing.

And if a bit of extra support around the house is what you need right now, why sweat the small stuff? We can make your life easier by taking care of your weekly clean and laundry.

“You have the freedom to come and go and set your own schedule, without the responsibility of things like grocery shopping.”

— Phyliss, Glengara Resident

Our promise of care

Before you move in, our care manager will sit with you to design a personalised plan to ensure you receive the care you need, when you need it.


Our emergency response team is onsite, alert and ready to help 24/7.


Need extra help with your weekly clean and laundry? Pass your to-do list to our friendly team.


Your partner can continue to share your life in a home designed for both of you—even if one of you has few, if any, care needs. You can even bring your pet!

Glengara Care apartments set a new standard, creating a beautiful home with quality support.

Traditional nursing home/residential aged care

Glengara Care Apartments

Private space: a home with a bathroom, lounge, kitchenette and outdoor space

Suitable for couples with both or one needing higher care

Family and friends welcome to stay

Pets welcome

ACAT not required

Lockable door

Cook your own meals (if you choose)

Style your apartment to suit you

Choose the care you want, when you want it

“There is always someone on hand when you need help”

— Phyliss, Glengara Resident

Respite Care

If you live in your own home but need a little extra care in the short term – perhaps to recover from illness, injury or a hospital stay – respite care could be the answer.

At Glengara Care, you can stay in a care apartment for as little as fourteen nights or up to six weeks. This gives you the opportunity to recuperate, away from home, chores, and cooking. By letting us look after you, you can focus on what’s most important– getting better.

What’s more, if your family or loved ones help care for you at home, they’ll also have the chance to recharge and rejuvenate.


Your respite stay includes:

  • A private and secure care apartment
  • Help from our dedicated staff 24 hours a day – receive assistance with showering, dressing and medication
  • Two hours of care per week included in your rate – use for medicine administration, showering, cleaning etc. Additional care services are available on a fee for service basis
  • Three tasty and nutritious meals per day
  • Your apartment cleaned, linen changed and one load of personal laundry washed for stays of seven days or more within the 2 hours of care or at an additional charge

Funding your home and care

Our unique model of care and funding gives you peace of mind and confidence over your wellbeing and care—now and in the future.

1. Property transaction


  • your care apartment transaction
  • general community services
  • base care services

Ingoing contribution includes approximately 200 hours of care services that establishes a care savings account + Ongoing recurrent charges

2. Care transaction

Includes services such as:

  • cleaning
  • support
  • personal care
  • activities

Care savings account periodic top-up contribution (weekly, fortnightly or monthly)

Find out how funding works.

There are three financial stages
during your time at Glengara Care

Use the tiles below to learn more about the financial model when you move in, while you’re at the village, and when you leave.

Ingoing contribution

You make your ingoing contribution before moving into your new home to establish your care savings account.

When you come to live with us, a care savings account with Capital Guardians will be set up in your name to fund your future care needs.

This account includes 200 hours of care, which ensures you have care funds in your account when you need it. The account is topped up with ongoing regular deposits.

Click on ‘Living’ to read about ongoing contributions.

Ongoing contributions

Recurrent charges cover the cost of general services and care.

Base care services

  • Two hours of personal care per week customised to your needs (for example, weekly cleaning)
  • Care manager to tailor your care needs and daily living plan to your needs
  • Registered nursing staff every day and on call after hours
  • Experienced care staff available 24/7
  • Lifestyle coordinator to arrange community events and activities

General services

  • Running costs and repairs
  • Administration costs
  • Maintaining shared community facilities and services (pool, gym, bowling green, bus and country club)


  • Breakfast pack delivered to your door
  • Lunch and dinner prepared daily by professional chefs

Periodic contribution to care savings account

Every resident is required to top-up their care savings account on a periodic basis—you can choose weekly, fortnightly or monthly.

Your care savings account supports you to access higher levels of care when you need it. Whatever you don’t use is refunded when leave Glengara Care.

Depending on your personal circumstances it may not feel like you need this right now, but the RetireAustralia care team have experienced that, on average, our health needs increase as we age. Your care savings account supports you to access high levels of care when you need it most.

Click on ‘Leaving’ to find out about exit fees.

Departure fee

You’ll be refunded your ingoing contribution, less your departure fee and other exit costs.

The departure fee accrues during your first three years living in the Glengara community and is capped at 35% of the ingoing contribution.

You’ll be certain of the maximum fee you’ll pay based on the amount of time you spend in your care apartment.

This means you have certainty about the maximum fee you’ll pay based on the amount of time you spend in your care apartment.


Exit entitlement

Your exit entitlement will be paid to you when your apartment is sold or bought back by RetireAustralia.

All funds remaining in your care savings account will be refunded to you.

Frequently asked questions

A care savings account is an account established in your name and managed by Capital Guardians, the custodian. Your initial deposit and periodic top-up deposits are held in the care savings account and then used to pay your care costs. Your care costs represent the best possible hourly rate for care services that RetireAustralia can provide.

The benefits of having a care savings account include:

  • assurance that your care costs are at an hourly rate that is calculated on a cost recovery basis
  • RetireAustralia has committed to keeping rates low for your contract duration
  • time is billed in 15-minute increments, compared to most other providers which charge in 30-minute increments. This results in a more favorable invoicing outcome for you.

RetireAustralia does not intend to derive profit from the delivery of care services to you.

A care savings account will help you to meet your care needs today and into the future.

Approximately 200 hours of care are included in your care savings account when you move into your care apartment. In addition, a care savings account top-up will be made periodically with the amount to be determined based on your care needs.

This periodic top-up allows you to accumulate care savings over time and
ensures you have funds to pay for your care services when and should you need it. This money is your money, designed to fund your needs and safeguard your future.

The funds can be used to pay for care services to meet your assessed care needs. The services that can be accessed are the same services that can be accessed through a Home Care Package subsidised by the federal government.

Glengara Care Apartments are affordable for full or part pensioners. Everyone’s financial position is unique. We recommend you talk to us about the options for funding your new home and care.

On average, $250, equates to approximately five hours per week in care services. In RetireAustralia’s experience, this is the average amount of care services required to maintain good health and wellbeing. This is in addition to two hours of care services per week, which is incorporated in your recurrent charges.

  • When you move in, and then at regular intervals, a care assessment is conducted to determine your individual needs and wants.
  • Your care assessment will assist us to determine your top-up contribution into your care savings account.
  • For the majority of residents the weekly contribution will be an average of $250 per week.

Using your care savings account to fund care services from us ensures you receive the best rate on your care services – and the best value for money. Your account
is monitored regularly and you will receive monthly statements. If there is a risk of running a deficit, you will be notified prior to this occurring. Top-up of your care savings account can be arranged with a lump sum contribution or with an increase in your periodic top-up contribution.

You may opt to continue to receive care on a pay-as-you-go arrangement, however hourly service fees are charged at a market rate, and engagement of care will be at your own discretion. In the experience of the RetireAustralia team, residents who access savings supported by ongoing, regular monitoring of support and care needs, are able to manage their health conditions more effectively, leading to improved wellbeing.

RetireAustralia’s obligation is to report to you on your account balance and care costs regularly, and in that process, trigger a conversation about the adequacy of your available funds for future care costs. In short, we will proactively engage with you to minimise the risk that your care savings account will not be sufficient to fund your care needs.

Your care savings account is managed by a third party,
with Capital Guardians. The account is in your name, and you will have online access to view your account transactions.

Withdrawals are only permitted to pay for care services as per the terms and conditions of the care savings agreement.

No. This account is independently managed by Capital Guardians and interest does not accrue on the balance.

Tax implications are best assessed on an individual basis. We recommend seeking the professional services of a financial adviser.

The balance in your care savings account, after all outstanding equipment and care costs are paid, will be refunded in full.
No administration fees apply.

RetireAustralia offers a Consumer Directed Care model. This ensures your preference for a Home Care Package provider is determined by you. Regardless of provider, all Glengara Care Apartment residents must sign up to the care savings agreement and pay the care savings account contributions.

RetireAustralia is an experienced provider of Home Care Package services. The team members providing these services is onsite at Glengara they are part of our community and will be familiar faces. Please carefully consider your provider in terms of cost, increments of fees and flexibility in providing services.

We encourage you to talk to our team and discuss your personal circumstances as Home Care Package funding is applied for on an individual basis. We are an experienced provider of Home Care Packages. The first source of funds is the two hours of base care services in your recurrent charges.

Yes, we understand that partners wish to stay together and encourage that companionship and support. Glengara Care Apartments are designed for couples to be able to stay together. Your ingoing contribution is for the care apartment and then your recurrent charges will be for two residents. A care savings account is opened for each individual.

If RetireAustralia makes the decision that you can no longer safely be cared for at Glengara Care Apartments, RetireAustralia will discuss with you what arrangements are appropriate for your ongoing care. We will work with you to minimise the impact on your financial position as a result of your move to an aged care facility.

We also strongly recommend seeking the services of a financial adviser or legal advice depending on your personal circumstances.

Our team would be happy to refer you to a local professional, just ask us.


Need more information? Talk to one of our friendly team members today.