Does your loved one need respite care these holidays?

December 1, 2020

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We all know how demanding the role of caregiving can be.

While you love what you do and who you care for, it’s essential that you have a break sometimes. Taking time out to relax, recharge or even just attend to everyday activities is vital to ensuring your own health and wellbeing.

With the holiday season upon us, and all the usual end of year busyness that we can seemingly never avoid, this could be the perfect time to take a well-earned break from caring.

We understand this can be a difficult choice to make, with many carers feeling guilt or shame even considering respite care for their loved one. And that’s exactly why we’ve gone to so much effort to make short (and long) stays at Glengara Care so enjoyable for both you and your loved one.

Why Glengara Care?

The first thing you’ll notice about Glengara Care is how much it feels like home, and it’s no coincidence – we’ve very carefully designed it this way!

While our residents and respite guests are assured the highest quality of care from our qualified nurses during their stay, we also go to the extra effort to ensure those in our care feel special and valued.

Glengara Care is not a hospital, and it’s most likely nothing like other aged care facilities you’ve seen.

It’s been purpose-built within the heart of our beautiful Glengara Retirement Village, which offers a great lifestyle and a warm, connected community. Between our residents and staff, nobody ever feels isolated at Glengara Care and there is never a shortage of things to do and people to talk to.

Couples, pets and families are all welcome, and our respite apartments are extremely private and well-equipped. With a lockable door, bedroom, ensuite, kitchenette, lounge room and private outdoor space, each apartment is warm and homely.

We also have an onsite chef who prepares two delicious meals per day, with breakfast packs delivered to our residents and guests at whatever time they choose.

At Glengara Care, you also don’t need an ACAT assessment – which means no time-consuming paperwork or lengthy waiting lists.

Respite Care Has Never Looked Like This

We’re really committed to changing the face of aged care, and respite care, at Glengara. It’s not a place for people to come and wait out their final days, it’s a place where life is still to be lived and experiences still to be had.

It’s why we love receiving heart-warming feedback from Central Coast locals such as Irene O’Farrell.

Mrs O’Farrell was so impressed with the care she received while recuperating from hospital surgery that she has now purchased a home in the Glengara village – knowing she will be able to easily transition into Glengara Care when the time is right.

We have exclusive arrangements in place for Glengara residents to make this transfer, with packages to suit every financial situation.

“Before I came here for respite, I had just spent two weeks in Gosford Hospital,” said Mrs O’Farrell.

“I didn’t want to come and now I thank God I did. Thank you doesn’t seem enough for all the love and care I received.

“You are very special angels. The rest, peace and quiet, and being totally waited on every day has paid off. I feel strong now and very grateful for the care.

“And the gourmet meals – what am I to say but ‘thank you’ to our chef.”

If you’re considering respite care for a loved one, talk to us and see if Glengara Care is right for you. To find out more, call us on 1800 955 070 or click here.

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