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September 29, 2020

Glengara Care Residents

At Glengara Care apartments, our aged care residents enjoy peace of mind knowing we’re helping to ensure their wellbeing during the current pandemic.

Our residents tell us they feel more relaxed knowing our highly trained staff are taking care of them at this time as well as keeping them connected with their families.

Key advantages include having access to care staff around the clock, being surrounded by like-minded people and still getting to enjoy the company of others and regular activities under appropriate social distancing guidelines.

There is also the sense of security that comes from being part of a controlled environment adhering to official health recommendations and not feeling isolated or living alone at home.

Resident Phyllis Goswell, who moved to Glengara Care after experiencing health issues, says she feels better knowing she is with RetireAustralia rather than living by herself.

“I feel safer here at Glengara Care while the pandemic is still going on,” said Phyllis.

“I know there are restrictions on visitors at this time, but we understand why these measures are necessary.”

Phyllis says she also still gets to enjoy the regular stimulation of a wide variety of activities at Glengara Care.

Care Manager Sharon Stuart Gray says the health and wellbeing of residents and staff is the number one priority.

“There is a range of measures specific to Glengara Care that have been implemented,” said Ms Stuart Gray.

“These cover not only stringent hygiene procedures for staff but special provisions for visitors as well as contractors and maintenance workers.

“Because these are comprehensive, the feedback we have from many of our residents is that they enjoy the peace of mind of living here rather than feeling isolated or having to travel into the wider community for everyday essentials.

“In addition, we have regular visits from GPs to Glengara Care. Our residents can receive medical attention without having to attend a doctor’s surgery, and our care team is on hand 24/7 to meet their needs.

“As social connection is always important for wellbeing, we are able to keep residents engaged with others through creative activities – all within the framework of appropriate social distancing.”

How we are looking after our residents and staff

Families are welcome to visit residents of Glengara Care, with a range of safety measures in place.

  • Up to two visitors at a time, during visiting hours seven days a week. Visitors are to practice social distancing during their stay
  • Visitors are required to sign in, have their temperature taken and answer a questionnaire about their health status
  • Visitors are not to access communal areas. Certain apartments at Glengara Care have additional, private external access to make this possible
  • All staff and contractors have their temperature taken and answer questions about their health before they report for duty each day.
  • Staff are required to wash and sanitise their hands before preparing and serving meals
  • No-one from known COVID hot spots is permitted into Glengara Care.

RetireAustralia have been keeping a close eye on the guidelines and are hyper-compliant with restrictions. You can read more about our COVID-19 response here.

The importance of keeping connected

It is still imperative to find ways to stay connected.

In fact, maintaining regular human connection is more important than ever in difficult times.

Glengara Care is renowned for its community spirit and for residents feeling part of the RetireAustralia family.

We have a wide range of activities in place every day to ensure that residents can still be close emotionally, even while observing social distancing.

Activities range from craft, gardening and scrapbooking, to walking groups, trivia and happy hour, movie afternoons, baking, bingo and word games.

Residents also enjoy regular themed and costumed days.  A recent tribute to France had many highlights including a specially prepared menu incorporating a sample of the world’s finest flavours from beef bourguignon to coq au vin, finished with apple tarte tatin and homemade vanilla bean ice cream.

To find out more information about Glengara Care, call 1800 955 070 or click here.

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