Maintaining your independence and freedom at Glengara Care

October 22, 2021


Making the move out of the family home into a care apartment is a significant life change, but it doesn’t have to come at the cost of your independence.

Patricia moved into her Glengara Care apartment at Tumbi Umbi a little over a year ago. She enjoys the security of knowing she has help on hand if she needs it while retaining her independence and privacy.

“I did not want to go into a nursing home. I worked most of my life, and I always wanted to be independent,” she said. “This is assisted living. You can come and go as you like and it’s your apartment. It does make a difference.”


Making the move

Her daughter’s plan to go on an extended overseas trip prompted Patricia to consider moving from the family home. While she was managing okay, she was concerned about what would happen if she had a fall or became ill while her daughter was away.

“My daughter and son-in-law were booked to go overseas for three months, and if I had a fall while they were away, I wouldn’t know what to do. Of course, it didn’t happen anyway because of COVID, but I made the decision then. I thought it was better because they were both retired and they like to travel, and at least they would know I’m safe. I’ve got someone here if I need help.”

Patricia said it was important that she decided when she would move.

“I didn’t want it to come to that my daughter had to make the decision for me,” she said. “Because I imagine it would be difficult for her to have to decide when Mum is ready for assisted living or a nursing home. I didn’t want her to be faced with that.”

Care manager Suzanne Bosworth said the Glengara Care difference was the flexibility around the services and support available to residents. The model of care is led by a team of registered nurses and is flexible, providing a high standard of care that caters to low, high and end-of-life needs, along with the freedom and autonomy of choosing when the care is delivered.

“It’s independent living but with care provided as the residents require it. It’s all about what the residents want and when they want it. When people move in, they may not require any assistance at all – they may just want to know that there are people around ready to help if they need it,” she said.

“But if you do need it, you have access to nursing home level care without living in a nursing home. In a traditional model of care, it’s so tough if one partner needs a higher level of care. Because we cater for all needs, couples can continue to live together at Glengara Care.”


Help to stay independent

Glengara Care apartments are located within the established Glengara Retirement Village and offer a separate bedroom, ensuite, lounge, dining area, kitchenette and outdoor space.

A professional chef prepares meals, and staff are on hand 24 hours a day to provide an unmatched level of tailored care.

Residents can access all of the village facilities, including an expansive garden, bowling green, gym, café, bar, pool, library, beauty salon and more.

“There are lovely walking areas to walk around, and I go out with my daughter or friends at least two or three times a week,” Patricia said.

“You can come and go as you like, have whatever friends there you like, or if you don’t feel like being social, you don’t have to.  Now I love being able to walk straight out from my apartment and through to the car park. My youngest daughter and I go to the movies, and it’s great. She just drives in, I walk out, and off we go.”

While Patricia cherishes her independence, she also enjoys the advantages that come with her apartment.

“I must admit I really didn’t want to cook anymore. Most of my life, I’ve cooked for the family, and I was sick of it. I didn’t miss not cooking, not in the least.

“The chef is lovely. We have a residents meeting once a month, and he always attends; and he asks us if there are any changes we would like to make to the menu. He’s always happy to do what he can to assist. All of the staff are very helpful and are an asset to Glengara Care.


More than medical care

Glengara Care focuses on the whole person – which means providing support for resident’s mental, emotional and social well-being, not just physical and medical needs.

“We provide care – but shape it to what our clients want,” Suzanne said. “Most people want to retain their independence. Living with care available shouldn’t minimise their choices. For instance, we may have clients who have spent their lives working on a farm, so they have always had a shower in the evening. So we work with their preferences and provide the care and support they want when they want it.”

“We also have an amazing lifestyle assistant who has designed a lifestyle calendar for our residents. In fact, I really noticed a difference in the mood around the place when she took a week off. It’s her personality – she is wonderful at connecting and engaging with our residents. The staff here are amazing. They treat the residents as part of the family and are very caring and engaging.”


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