Joshua Campbell

Clinical Case Manager

“Everyone has a different idea of what the path into aged care looks like. No matter the view, it takes empathy, patience and a willingness to work together to make that transition something great.”

Joshua Campbell is the latest addition to the rapidly growing Glengara Care team. Working as a registered nurse and senior caregiver over the past several years Josh brings with him a wealth of clinical experience and practical understanding – knowing exactly what it takes to achieve great outcomes for those in his care.

Combining this clinical expertise with his love for people, Josh monitors resident health; overseeing their care, and treatment plans. The goal: assisting rehabilitation and preventing illness.

“Every resident is unique and the Glengara Care model has been designed to offer choice in how they receive support,” he says.

“My priority is to build a relationship with each resident and their family, setting a care plan that’s going to work for them – there is no one size fits all. We want our community to feel confident at home knowing tailored support is there when they need it.”

Starting his journey volunteering as a bingo caller many years ago, Josh has risen through the ranks working across every role available within aged care –  from nursing to administration and even preparing meals. A strong desire to always lend a hand where needed has given Josh an intimate understanding of the care journey, making him incredibly kind and empathetic towards residents and their families.

“One of my first days at the village was helping to bring a couple back together who had been apart for 12 months due to illness. That’s an amazing journey to be a part of. I want to do more of that and Glengara Care helps me reunite families and return freedoms”.

This commitment to positive outcomes attracted Josh to the role. “From the moment you walk in you can see the team is genuinely invested. I love the attention to detail, right down to the model of care. This village has been designed to call home.”

When speaking to prospective residents and their families Josh’s advice is to keep an open mind and explore the possibilities.

“There is a cloud of negativity floating around aged care as if it’s only a place to wait out your final days. In reality Glengara Care is full of life. There’s lots of living left to do here. I see aged care as an accomplishment not a defeat and residents who come in with that perspective get the most out of the offering”

If he’s not socialising with friends and family you’ll find Josh on the beaches of the New South Wales Central Coast soaking up the warm weather and lifestyle. For the first time in several years Josh has weekends off – any advice on how to spend them is welcomed!

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