Kylie Byrne

Village Manager

“I’ve observed first-hand how residents’ quality of life improves when [mundane tasks] are done for you, and that’s incredibly rewarding to see.”

Kylie Byrne has recently been appointed as Glengara Retirement Village Manager,
but has been an integral part of residents’ lives for 10 years. She’s developed a special rapport with the community through roles as resident hairdresser, Personal Care Assistant, and Administration Assistant.

“I built a momentum and closeness with the residents through my administration role in particular,” she says. “That was the first time in my career that I truly looked forward to coming to work. I loved every single aspect of it.”

The enjoyment of her role has only increased with her transition to Village Manager, and she’s thrilled to have witnessed the on-site evolution of a premium, positive alternative to aged care.

“I think Glengara Retirement Village is the best village on the Central Coast,” she says. “The village is beautiful and the residents offer such a lovely sense of community. And now with Glengara Care, residents enjoy the security of knowing they can stay in a community they love even if they need additional support. That peace of mind is invaluable.”

Kylie brings a bubbly and friendly disposition to her role, along with exceptional organisational skills and a drive to achieve excellent outcomes for residents.

“I love seeing projects come to fruition. It might be a relatively minor adjustment in the grand scheme of village life, but no issue is too small. I always stop and listen to residents’ requests, and it means a great deal to residents when you follow through.”

There are two aspects of village life that particularly motivate Kylie – first, a desire “to keep the village running smoothly so residents can enjoy the lifestyle retirement village living offers.” Secondly, she says the care delivered by the Glengara Care team “goes above and beyond, and that’s how it should be. Not only do we deliver the care residents need, but the team is incredibly dedicated and genuinely cares about each and every individual.

“If a resident suffers a health incident or a fall, we’re there before the ambulance. If they have to go to hospital, we will pack the bags, toothbrush and medication. That’s the kind of support I want to give to all residents as Village Manager.”

Kylie says she’s lucky to have seen an “amazing recovery in health” in some independent living residents who have transitioned into Glengara Care, which she puts down to more social activity, better nutrition and appropriate care.

“Glengara Care takes the pressure off residents but still gives them autonomy and independence. We take care of all the mundane tasks like cooking, cleaning and washing. I’ve observed first-hand how residents’ quality of life improves when those things are done for you, and that’s incredibly rewarding to see.”


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