Marie Robinson

National Manager – Care

“I am absolutely passionate about Glengara Care and the care model behind it, which gives our residents the best quality of life at a time when they need it most.”

As RetireAustralia’s National Care Manager, Marie has a wealth of industry experience in management across well-known brands, having previously worked for Freedom, Aveo and Blue Care. Marie is a Registered Nurse with a Master of Business Administration and has 27 years’ experience in acute, aged and community care. As part of this, she has dedicated over 20 years to the retirement sector, spanning change management, care governance and bringing new products to market.

Marie was attracted to Glengara Care because it gives residents choice. “They can maintain independence and choose how they want to live their life. They can sleep in until 10 o’clock if they want to. The morning is their morning. We don’t get them up for a shower or breakfast, whereas in residential aged care, the expectation is they get up and have breakfast at a set time.

“Glengara Care isn’t restricted or scheduled and our care is wrapped in dignity and respect for our residents. We care for the whole person, and recognise each resident is the individual they were when they first joined us.”

Marie has been responsible for recruiting the Glengara Care team and ensuring they have the appropriate skills, experience and training to provide high-quality care to residents. She also manages governance, education and training, and oversees Care Managers and case management.

She is passionate about ensuring residents have quality of life. “I’ve seen a lot of people come from home into this kind of care and they improve. They get a new lease on life. They start eating again, enjoying life a lot more, and have more purpose. That’s what it’s all about, having purpose.”

Marie ensures residents are in control and can make choices about how they spend their time. Glengara Care has plenty of opportunities for social connection and engagement, with an array of activities on offer. Marie also encourages families to visit and feel at home, with purpose-built private spaces and beautiful gardens providing the perfect backdrop to entertain family and friends.

She has had an affinity with seniors since she was a child, spending much of her upbringing with her two grandmothers. “That’s why I’ve always worked in this sector and felt comfortable with older people,” she says. “It’s about wanting to do the best we can for the older generation.”

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