Melissa Hamilton

Village Manager

“In my role, it’s important to think from the resident’s perspective and try to put yourself in their shoes. They’ve come from amazing and varied backgrounds and bring a lot to the table. I try to see the world from their point of view.”

Melissa Hamilton has been a Village Manager for RetireAustralia for three years, both at Tarragal Glen and Glengara Retirement Village on the Central Coast. She brings 20 years of hospitality and customer service experience to the role, which is a perfect complement for her natural warmth and passion for people.

She is motivated by the people who call Glengara Retirement Village and Glengara Care home. “The thing I love most about my job is the people. The residents are fantastic,” she says. “They make you laugh. You can cry with them. You find out a lot about them and meet their families. For the most part it’s a joyful job and I just love it.”

When Melissa joined Glengara Retirement Village 18 months ago, construction had just started at Glengara Care, and she’s been privileged to witness the concept come to life. “I’ve watched the building grow and it’s been very exciting,” she says. “One of the memorable days was when the Care Apartments were handed over from construction and our Glengara residents got their first official look. They were blown away by the interior and were absolutely astounded at how fabulous it is. Now they love showing it off to their family and friends.”

Melissa’s advice for prospective residents and their families is not to leave it too long. “Do it while your loved one is able to be part of the decision-making and enjoy what’s on offer,” she suggests. “For most people, their lives will be so much better in a care apartment than in their own home. We have a chef on-site and the meals are beautiful. You’ll have your medication looked after and we have people to get you involved in activities. You can come to the country club where there are many opportunities for social engagement.”

It’s no surprise that the food and socialising are key selling points for Melissa. She’s a sociable cooking aficionado and nothing makes her happier than cooking for the people she loves!

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