Simon Fawssett

Chief Operations Officer

“What we’ve created is a home – not a bedroom – and a community in which people feel like they’re part of a family.”

Simon is one of Australia’s leading executives in the health and human services sector. He has over 20 years’ experience including as Chief Executive Officer of Freedom Aged Care, where he played a significant role in growing the business to 15 villages before it was acquired by Aveo. Since joining RetireAustralia as Chief Operating Officer, he has been responsible for developing the financial and care model behind Glengara Care.

Glengara Care is founded on a promise of care that encourages residents to live life their way, with health, support, purpose and connection. “It’s built on a markedly different intent and philosophy: that is, to provide a positive alternative to aged care that takes residents’ independence and physical, mental, emotional and social wellbeing into account. Residents choose how and when they receive care which is centred on respect and dignity and what matters to the individual.”

Simon explains that this innovative model of care is a direct response to the changing expectations of Australian families. “We have listened to their concerns and all the things about traditional aged care services that people don’t like. Glengara Care is a unique solution, which provides the private support people need to continue living a meaningful, deeply connected life.

“All too often, moving into aged care symbolises a chapter of life ending. A lot of the cherished moments – such as hosting family for a Sunday afternoon roast, hobbies and the things you’ve always done – just aren’t possible anymore in an aged care environment. At Glengara Care, we don’t think this has to be the way. Just because your care needs change, the way you live your life doesn’t need to as well.”

Glengara Care offers residents on the Central Coast an option they’ve never previously had – as their care needs become higher, they can continue living in the centre of a vibrant community and doing the things they love with family and friends.

“Our promise of care is this: We empower our residents to live their way, we support them to be healthy and age well, we encourage them to find fulfillment, and we help them to enjoy connections with others in warm and welcoming communities.”

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