What sets Glengara Care apart from aged care

July 10, 2020


Peace of mind, the comforts of home and access to high level care is what older Australians deserve.

Our care needs generally increase as we age and finding high level care while still maintaining independence and autonomy is a real challenge for older Australians. Too often, the way care is delivered comes to the detriment of happiness, mental health and privacy.

By any definition this is a poor outcome and older Australians – our parents and grandparents – simply deserve better. We believe this too, and we also believe that aged care doesn’t have to be limited to hospital-like conditions and care delivered according to a rigid management schedule.

These powerful motivations were the genesis of Glengara Care being established, and are what drives us today. Aged care can be better, and needing care shouldn’t mean sacrificing who you are or the things that bring quality to your life.

Care that goes beyond physical and medical

At Glengara Care, we focus on the whole person. This means care that goes beyond looking after a resident’s physical and medical needs and ensuring we provide all the support they need for their mental, emotional and social wellbeing as well.

Our model of care is led by a team of registered nurses and is delivered with flexibility, so you can be sure of both a high level of care that caters to low, high and end-of-life needs along with the freedom and autonomy of choosing when the care is delivered.

If a resident wants to be woken and supported to dress and shower at 11am instead of 8am for example, that’s fine. The same goes for linen, cleaning and supporting health services. We work with our residents and build their needs into a personalised care plan, and deliver care in a way that’s right for them.

All the benefits of a thriving community

Glengara Care is nestled within the Glengara Retirement Village, which is of real benefit to our residents.

The retirement village is well established, has beautiful grounds, a wonderful array of facilities, a thriving community and an active social calendar. These are all vital ingredients to aging well and help provide our residents with real and tangible health benefits.

The village is also ideally located close to shopping, services and all the natural beauty of the Central Coast.

Aged care has never looked like this

There are many other benefits to living in Glengara Care, too:


The peace of mind of having access to high level care, the comforts of home, and the autonomy to live life to the fullest. It’s what older Australians deserve, and while we won’t pretend that moving to aged care isn’t still a challenging time, the certainty, choice and care offered to residents (and their families) certainly makes things easier.

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